Sunday, April 15, 2012

Everyday usage of Praia's water

The bigger tap is for hot unfiltered water.

Water Filter Systerm that is in every missionary apartment for purified water use for Drinking, Cooking, Cleaning Dishes, Brushing teeth, Washing fruits,eggs, and vegetables, washing hands before handling foods.
The small tap on the right is the purified water.
 I have purchased 8 of these 5 liter bottles and 10 smaller 8 oz bottled water.  Just today, one of the Branches called for some water for Passing of Sacrament.  In this neighborhood, many of the people
go to a central water depot and take huge containers home.  Remember they don't have bathroom either.  So you will see them emptying their waste at the cliff side not too far from here.  I usually have a big filtered water in the bathroom to brush my teeth.  Just doesn;t seem right to brush in the kitchen sink!!

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