Sunday, April 15, 2012

Everyday life styles

The cup  shows the size of the mini bananas, and this root is a
special desert the Sister from Mozambique makes-- she cubes it
then adds some powder sugar blended with coconut flakes. Will
learn  how to make it and know the name of the root.

Here recently, I buy fron the ladies coming down the street with bananas, she has other veggies to sell also.
This bleach bottle is used many times in a day.  1 tsp of bleach to 1 liter of water is used to rinse off your washed dishes, then rinsed off with filtered water.  You come back from shopping and you place your fresh veggies,fruits, and eggs in the bleach solution, and now I just place canned goods in the solution too.  Who knows what or where it was shipped from.  The green pepper in a day or other greens will turn yellow!!  Speaking of foods,  most of the foods are shipped from Portugal, but I have dry yeast from Russia, bag of peanuts from Greece, places from FAR AWAY; there is a special meat store that I only buy hamburger meat, and chicken/shrimp or lunch meat from them.  They have goat butter there!!  Like I go to bread store around the corner, fruits/veggies from the fruit store usually in early mornings, then for limited American goods from mini-market.  Main grocery store is Calu & Angela.  Milk is in shelf 1 liter cartons, you carry your eggs in a sack, and all meats, fruits, vegetables have to be weighed and priced before you check out to the sit down checkers.  If you enter the store with a bag, it is kept at the front of the store until you leave.  Some of the larger grocery stores will have upstairs with furniture, TV, linens and some toys.  For shoe repairs, check the vendors on the streets, even flip flops can be fixed.  Every bank has a security guard as you enter.  Local policemen are always walking the streets. 

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