Monday, April 23, 2012

Medical area in Praia

Elder trying on a pair of new glasses at optical shop.  Busy emergency room across the street.

Pink Hospital sits on top of Plateau area of PraiaRemember my first day around this area, I was in a car and only saw one small pink building, now that I am on foot, this building goes the entire two blocks or so.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Everyday items

Every country seems to have their individual "Throne" and Praia has the "push buttom method at the top of the tank.  Fill time for water is very fast!!  Notice the tile on walls and floors--very dangerous when wet.
I am lucky to have a sun room to hang all my clothes on a indoor line; otherwise, if you hang outside, you get all the dust from road as one drives by.  Towels are hard as a rock and not very soft to the touch.
Air conditioner is the standard in most places.  High up near the ceiling.
Charging up phones with the two prong outlets, used for all electrical outlets

Always have your candles ready especially at night since that is when most of the electricity goes off for 3-4 hours.  Then in day time too

Hair Wear

The Cabo Verdean hair wear
Sister Chidester from Boston,MA works in Sao Filipe Covao

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Everyday life styles

The cup  shows the size of the mini bananas, and this root is a
special desert the Sister from Mozambique makes-- she cubes it
then adds some powder sugar blended with coconut flakes. Will
learn  how to make it and know the name of the root.

Here recently, I buy fron the ladies coming down the street with bananas, she has other veggies to sell also.
This bleach bottle is used many times in a day.  1 tsp of bleach to 1 liter of water is used to rinse off your washed dishes, then rinsed off with filtered water.  You come back from shopping and you place your fresh veggies,fruits, and eggs in the bleach solution, and now I just place canned goods in the solution too.  Who knows what or where it was shipped from.  The green pepper in a day or other greens will turn yellow!!  Speaking of foods,  most of the foods are shipped from Portugal, but I have dry yeast from Russia, bag of peanuts from Greece, places from FAR AWAY; there is a special meat store that I only buy hamburger meat, and chicken/shrimp or lunch meat from them.  They have goat butter there!!  Like I go to bread store around the corner, fruits/veggies from the fruit store usually in early mornings, then for limited American goods from mini-market.  Main grocery store is Calu & Angela.  Milk is in shelf 1 liter cartons, you carry your eggs in a sack, and all meats, fruits, vegetables have to be weighed and priced before you check out to the sit down checkers.  If you enter the store with a bag, it is kept at the front of the store until you leave.  Some of the larger grocery stores will have upstairs with furniture, TV, linens and some toys.  For shoe repairs, check the vendors on the streets, even flip flops can be fixed.  Every bank has a security guard as you enter.  Local policemen are always walking the streets. 

Everyday usage of Praia's water

The bigger tap is for hot unfiltered water.

Water Filter Systerm that is in every missionary apartment for purified water use for Drinking, Cooking, Cleaning Dishes, Brushing teeth, Washing fruits,eggs, and vegetables, washing hands before handling foods.
The small tap on the right is the purified water.
 I have purchased 8 of these 5 liter bottles and 10 smaller 8 oz bottled water.  Just today, one of the Branches called for some water for Passing of Sacrament.  In this neighborhood, many of the people
go to a central water depot and take huge containers home.  Remember they don't have bathroom either.  So you will see them emptying their waste at the cliff side not too far from here.  I usually have a big filtered water in the bathroom to brush my teeth.  Just doesn;t seem right to brush in the kitchen sink!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sunday Attire

Easter Sunday right after Relief Society with Sister Arlete,
and Sister Dee.  Sunday School is next, then Sacrament meetings.
Elder Rodrigues from Portugal and
Elder Wirkus from CO,now Utah


We have to go up this alley way by this empty home.
We are looking for this one family
Very few places have sidewalks, and this one was only 25 feet in length, just had to take this photo--quite decorative design.  At least is is smooth and even to walk on.  Have you ever walked on cobblestones?? 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ship in harbor
High Speed Ferry heading for Fogo

cont PDay

Irma Dee and Irma Cummings
Walking toward lighthouse, and this convent is about 1/2 mile from it.  I took it from inside their gates around it.
This is close as we could get.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Sister Dee from Layton,Utah and Sister Arlete from Mozambique


Sister Buhler going to Espangos,Sal, Mindelo Sul with Sister Holland
Sister Vanderhorst going to Fazenda,Praia,Santiago sul with Sister Pintual from Portugal
Elder Edwards going to Assomada,Santiago Norte with Elder Hirshi
Elder Haile going to Achadinha do Meio, Praia with Elder Orton; Elder Pugmire toing to Espia, Mindelo Norte with Elder Olsen
Elder Twiggs going to Fernando Po, Mindelo Sul with Elder D. Palmer

New Missionaries

Can you believe this???  My very first day at the MTC for lunch I sat down for lunch and introduced
my self to the Elder right across from me, and asked, "Elder, where are you and your companion be serving?"  "Cabo Verde, and the rest of us , the other four so all of them arrived at the Mission Home to
receive their new assignments, Wednesday, March 28.  Elder Haile from Eithopia was the very first person in his country to receive His Duty to God award and who was to present this to him??  Elder Jeffery R. Holland many years ago.  And while at the MTC, my first devotional night which is for all Missionaries at the MTC was Tuesday, February 28, and who was the speaker for the night??  Elder Jeffery R. Holland.  Whenever he spoke after the MTC Choir had sung such a beautiful song, he said,
"You look really good"!! several times, then said, "Your parents told me to say that!"  (Left to right)
Sister Buhler,Sister Vanderhorst, Elder Edwards, Elder Twiggs,Elder Pugmir, Elder Haile.
Then each set was shown on a slide where they would be serving and met their new companion.

Ferry experience

Inside the VIP Suite where six chairs, table, large TV and private bathroom is available, and of course, your purple/yellow throw up bags are handy too!!  The next view is that of some fishing boats getting ready to go out from harbor of Sao Filipe.  This fast speed ferry had about 150 people, 25 cars, trucks, bikes, motorcycles, and a few cows!  This is about 3 1/2 hours ride, and the middle trip was a little rocky.
President Oliveira gathering his suitecase as well as others.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sao Filipe

Busy day with cars, trucks, motorcycles and people going to work.  Very clean town.  Our flight was
cancelled that morning so we left the Hotel for the Ferry.  This is a picture of the High speed ferry.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Branch in Sao Filipe

One of the Branches in Sao Filipe
Front view

View in Sao Filipe,Fogo

Next island  is 20 km away called Brava--the most secret of the islands.
Construction on habor area
Construction work behind the Benedict's apartment